Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Solstice;Let your light shine bright this coming year!

  Last night we celebrated the winter solstice at a ritual held at the local UU. It was a heart touching ceremony and such beautiful music. One of the songs that we sang was This little light of mine, I love that song! As we sang I could hear my son and daughter singing along and I wondered if they knew the light they bring into this world,my world. My son home from his Navy training singing "All around the world, I'm gonna let it shine" and I know he will,my 10yr old daughter whose light shines on all of us with her oh so loving heart,my other 3 children who I feel blessed daily to have in my life. Do they see how their light shines on people,on me? My niece in colorado who joined her family and made it complete,who plays with her cousins so sweetly when they visit,does she see the light she is in this world? She has 3 loving strong brothers who are out finding their way in the world,do they see the light they send out to everyone they meet? My nephews and nieces in Texas ,California and La.,as they canvas this country and travel the world,do they see the light they add to the world? My sisters and brothers, for without them my light wouldn't shine as bright,do they see how their lights help others shine? My friends who I have been blessed to find in the world,do they see how their lights help light the path for this journey we are all on? My loving husband of 31 years, does he see the light he shines so brightly for this family,for the people he works with,for me? And me, I know I don't see the light I can be very often but I do see it in my children's faces and actions, I feel it in my grandsson's hugs,I see it in a friends smile.
This Solstice let your light shine! You might never know who your light shines on and how it can change their day/life!
Watch the Light of kindness travel, :)

 Blessd be to all this Solstice season!

Pictures from the bonfire,

Earth Banner

Air Banner

Fire Banner
(some of it is caught behind a door)

Water Banner


Carolyn Renee said...

What a beautiful analogy! And what beautiful banners. Wishing you a wonderful new year with lots of light!

Penny said...

Carolyn, Blessings of light to you and yours also. The banners were made by our Web of Life group a few years ago and are used for our rituals.