Sunday, January 29, 2012

Come on Spring!!

  Here in NW Arkansas the weather has been particularly nice this winter, a few cold days, a dusting of snow and a little rain. Makes me worried about what will happen here in February and March. We have also been receiving the annual seed catalogs in the mail, you know the ones that makes us feel like a kid in a candy store, so many choices that it's hard to decide what to plant. My friend Tabbie and I are going in together to buy seeds from Baker Creek, We have a list of 53+ vegetables and herbs that we want to put in our gardens this year. My garden didn't well at all last year due to the very hot summer we had and the major invasion of bugs that came to visit. I am going to expand my garden quite a bit this year, make space for a larger variety of yummy stuff. The melons, squash, and cucumbers are all going on the little hill area behind the main garden, I hope to get more than last year as Hershey isn't here to carry them off. 6 more raised beds will be going up in the next month or so with other planters scattered around the garden. I want a really colorful garden with all kind of eccentric planters and surprises that catch your eye when wondering thru. I found tons of ideas on Pinterest and hope to put them in the garden this year.
These are just a few ideas I want to incorporate into the garden, to find more click on the Pinterest button on the right. What are you plans for the garden this year?                                                                            Blessed Be,


Carolyn Renee said...

We're in N.Central AR & we're having the same weather as you (duh). I was out in the garden today and I just HAD to plant something!!! DH stopped me though and I'm still afraid we're going to get walloped with a really cold spell or ice storm. Those garden planter ideas are great! I really have to expand my horizons when it comes to planters and raised beds....mine are so boring!

Penny said...

Carolyn, Look on craigslist or ask neighbors for old dressers, ladders or tires. We go to a place in Fayettevill that where you turn in old paint, oil, biohazerd stuff, they have shelves where you can find good paint and it's free, so I go there looking before I buy paint for things in the garden. Ck out Pinterest, tons of bright ideas on there.