Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Dreaded Pamphlet!

 I have decided that I am going to make little pamphlets describing Paganism,about the history,deity's and beliefs.I will then hand them to all the people who think it is ok to give me pamphlets on their religion. Yesterday I met a guy that wanted to buy the juicer I had listed on craigslist.As we were talking he asked about  the blog I had listed under my name on the e-mail.He wanted to know what Pagan Style meant so I said pagan goddess,that is all I said and he reached into his car and got the dreaded pamphlet.He started talking about believing in Jesus,the bible and going to heaven.Now this guy had no idea who I was or what my beliefs were yet he felt it was fine to push his on me.Why is that I wonder? This happened another time when I just wanted to buy a sheep from a lady,she also had to share her beliefs after just a short meeting.How would they have reacted if I had given them a little book extolling the virtues of the goddess and paganism? I probably would have been asked to leave,lol
 Why do people feel they need to tell others what to believe,wither it is religion,abortion,same sex marriage or the myriad of other things we are told it is wrong to believe in.If you don't like my religion the don't believe in it,don't like abortion then don't have one and don't tell me who to love based on what you believe. I do like discussions on these subjects, let me know what you believe and why but do not tell me that I am wrong and going to a hell I do not believe in when I disagree with you,and do not sideswipe me with your beliefs when all I want to do is sell you a juicer!

Blessed Be on this beautiful fall day!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blessed Mabon

It is the time of the autumn equinox, and the harvest is winding down. The fields are nearly empty, because the crops have been plucked and stored for the coming winter. Mabon is the mid-harvest festival, and it is when we take a few moments to honor the changing seasons, and celebrate the second harvest. On or around September 21, for many Pagan and Wiccan traditions it is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings.
 Typically the focus is on either the second harvest aspect, or the balance between light and dark. This, after all, is the time when there is an equal amount of day and night. While we celebrate the gifts of the earth, we also accept that the soil is dying. We have food to eat, but the crops are brown and going dormant. Warmth is behind us, cold lies ahead. Mabon is a time rich in magic, all connected to the changing seasons of the earth.

                       May the Blessings of the
                       Fall Harvest fill your home!

                                                                 Blessed Be!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Favorite Homeschool websites

 Our school year got off to a late beginning this year due to an ac leak.We ended up having to replace the kitchen,laundry room,one closet and bathroom floors.It was very loud(due to the wall drying fans) and messy.But now we are back on track and finally getting into the groove of school.One of my favorite things and downfalls about homeschooling with the internet is that there is so much out there
to get lost in.I have so many sites saved that I get overwhelmed looking at them. I decided to make a folder of just the main websites we will use this year'
One of the new ones I found this year is Spelling City,http://www.spellingcity.com. On this site you can make lists of the spelling words your kids are using or use the ones already on the site. There are games to play for each word list and when your child is ready they can take the tests to see how many words they have learned. This week we have been doing the compound word lists and the girls are flying thru it.
CK-12,http://www.ck12.org/teacher/, is another great free resource for so many subjects.I plan on using it for earth science and writing with the girls this year.
Khan Academy,http://www.khanacademy.org/,is on our list every year and is a wonderful resource!
For history we will be checking out
HyperHistory,http://www.hyperhistory.com/online_n2/History_n2/a.html , Have Fun with History,http://www.havefunwithhistory.com/,American History Games,http://gamequarium.com/americanhistory.html,and Best of History website,http://besthistorysites.net/,
Pics4Learning website,http://besthistorysites.net/, has wonderful pictures to print out for timelines and for anything else you might need them for.
Another great resource is a blog that I follow,Joybilee Farm,http://fiberarts.ca/blog/free-kindle-books-for-homesteaders-and-homeschoolers-september-21-edition/,everyday she puts up free Kindle books that can be downloaded to your kindle or computer,homesteading,homeschooling,craft and several more subjects.Be sure to check her out.

We also plan on using Life of Fred books for math and Netflix for all the wonderful documentaries they have.

What are your favorite websites to use in homeschooling?

Blessed Be!