Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Dreaded Pamphlet!

 I have decided that I am going to make little pamphlets describing Paganism,about the history,deity's and beliefs.I will then hand them to all the people who think it is ok to give me pamphlets on their religion. Yesterday I met a guy that wanted to buy the juicer I had listed on craigslist.As we were talking he asked about  the blog I had listed under my name on the e-mail.He wanted to know what Pagan Style meant so I said pagan goddess,that is all I said and he reached into his car and got the dreaded pamphlet.He started talking about believing in Jesus,the bible and going to heaven.Now this guy had no idea who I was or what my beliefs were yet he felt it was fine to push his on me.Why is that I wonder? This happened another time when I just wanted to buy a sheep from a lady,she also had to share her beliefs after just a short meeting.How would they have reacted if I had given them a little book extolling the virtues of the goddess and paganism? I probably would have been asked to leave,lol
 Why do people feel they need to tell others what to believe,wither it is religion,abortion,same sex marriage or the myriad of other things we are told it is wrong to believe in.If you don't like my religion the don't believe in it,don't like abortion then don't have one and don't tell me who to love based on what you believe. I do like discussions on these subjects, let me know what you believe and why but do not tell me that I am wrong and going to a hell I do not believe in when I disagree with you,and do not sideswipe me with your beliefs when all I want to do is sell you a juicer!

Blessed Be on this beautiful fall day!


Carolyn Renee said...

I've had several door-knocking pushers here, and it drives me insane. I'm pleasant, but pretty firm that I believe in another path, but they just keep pushing, then whip out the "you don't believe so you're gonna burn in hell" thing. Nothing like threatening someone to get them to convert to their religion.

Penny said...

Hi Carolyn,I wonder if we put something on the front door,a reconized symbol or something.Would it drive them away or make them more determined?

Anonymous said...

It has always been this way and probably will always be. Remember the Christian crusades? Believe or die! We are fortunate enough to live in a time where you are not killed for your beliefs now. I now just quietly believe what I feel in my heart and thank those who are so diligent in theirs.