Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old Mill, treasure that we found!

   After our trip to Bloomin'Acres Farm we decided to go to a nearby park for lunch. As I was driving I saw a huge wheel next to a skeleton of a rock building just begging to be explored. We pulled in and were followed by the rest of our group. All were excited to find such an interesting looking place to explore!It was decided that it must have been a mill at one time.Here is the info that one mom found after they got home.
   "A prominent landmark in the Cane Hill area is the water-powered mill known variously as the Pyeatte-Moore Mill and the Moore-Buchanan Mill. Built during the 1830s, the mill was used to grind wheat for flour and corn for corn meal, to saw logs, and even to card wool. It appears to have been moved to its present location on Jordan Creek in 1902 and was used until the 1930s. The remains of the thirty-six-foot diameter draw wheel can still be seen, and the mill is in the process of being restored. "

   The kids want to go back to explore more and maybe see what is under the building.

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Jessica said...

What fun! It looks like a beautiful setting, and very cool to have gotten more information on it. Thanks for sharing!