Monday, January 10, 2011

Tracking your Energy Loss

  Saturday I went to an energy saving seminar at our local library. This seminar was about how to tighten up your house and how to find out where the energy losses where that were costing you money.One of the most interesting and useful sites we were given was Earth Aid,, This is a free service that enables households to track all of your actual electric,gas, and water utility usage in one place online, compare your usage with friends and neighbors and find easy ways to save. You can also earn Earth Aid Reward Points based on how much energy and water you save at home- points you can redeem for discounts and offers at over 200 local, regional and national participating businesses. This also depends if your local utility is linked up with Earth Aid. Our electric is but our water co. hasn't set up with this yet, they are working on it.
 Information was also given about our local utility rebates and incentives. Call your local utility's and find out yours. I want to do a Home Energy Audit. This is where they come in and but a blower door in and then with inferred light track all ways your heating and cooling (money)are leaving your house, I know a big one in my house will probably be the fire place.
 You know how most folks make New Years resolutions and by March you have forgotten them already?  Well now you can make a Energy Resolution!  Go to and sign up! Get your family, neighbors, kids schools and your town in on this. It can only save people money and the energy of our planet if we start taking these steps.

 Hope everyone has a great week,
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