Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Morning Homeschoolers!

 Good morning and Happy New Year to everyone!

 My favorite secular home school site has a new giveaway this morning! Secular Homeschooling will be giving away a set of books from Arithmetic Village. These look like a great way to engage your kids in learning math, the characters are ones that the kids can role play with to really get the idea that math is fun. These books would be great for a co-op class with costumes and all.

They also have a great list of homeschool blogs and you will find us there to!

 Also ck out Earthschooling. This is a wonderful Waldorf site that leads you preschool thru 7th(more grades to come) with a gentle rhythmic way of learning for you kids.There are different levels of membership and with the lifetime membership you can share the cost with one person. I really wish I had known about this resource when my kids were younger.I look forward to playing with it this next year.

I spent yesterday working on organizing our craft area, I needed half the shelves for my fabric. I was inspired by a blog by Pioneer Women,

I love everything about this room and while I know mine will never look this neat, I will do what I can to organize our homeschool this well.I am pairing down books , art supplies and other homeschool materials that I now realize that we will not ever use. Trying to stream line our learning areas a bit. Some I will put on my amazon bookstore, most I will pass on to other homeschoolers.
 Do you do this in between semesters or are you super organized from the beginning of the school year?  The main thing I really like about homeschooling is that you can change course in the year when you find something is not working for your child,ok, that and not getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to get the kids on the school bus!
 I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the new year and lots of learning going on!


Michele said...

Hello :) I just came across your blog a few days ago and enjoying reading it. We are signed up for Earthschooling too, though my son is a preschooler so we're in no rush. I love the secular homeschool site as well. If I can keep up with my new homeschool blog well enough, maybe it will be on that page too. ;)

Topsy said...

Thanks for the shout-out!!!