Thursday, January 13, 2011

This week in our homeschool!

 We started back to school work this week, I know a little late but then we usually are. The book we read this week was by Megan Whalen Turner, The Thief. Gen, Eugenides is a thief. He boasts that he can steal anything. That lands him in the King of Sounis’ prison where he spends a couple of months until he is offered, by the King’s Magus, his freedom but in return he has to steal something that people don’t even think really exists.We all really liked it and the surprise ending was great.This is a series of 4 books and I look forward to reading them all. Zoe has picked our book for next week, Raising Dragons by Bryon Davis.
  On Tuesday we made pumpkin bread to practice our math, all cup measurements were done with a 1/4 cup and we doubled the recipe. I signed the girls up for 3 free months of ALEKS Math,, we will see how that goes. Zoe spent one afternoon sewing a summer top which she then put over her long sleeved shirt, it came out really cute. They have practiced dictation and working with watercolors. We have found out that splatter painting in the bathtub is not such a good idea! Piper and I played chess with her teaching chess set she received for Christmas and then we looked up kids chess sites online. We start our co-op tomorrow, Yea!! We are doing countries and tomorrow is India. Everyone brings food for the country that is spotlighted with two families doing the research and getting the craft materials together. Our family will be doing China soon. We have also been been working on our handwork by making gnomes. On Wee Folk there are some adorable patterns for gnomes and everything they need for a Gnome home. We are working our way thru the patterns. We also watched Legend of the Guardians(great movie) and are doing research on the owls that we saw in the movie. All in all a good week and better than I expected. How has your homeschool week gone?


Anonymous said...

Awesome gnomes!

Kimberly said...

Wow you are busy! I love the pictures of the gnomes and I be the pumkin bread was delicious!