Sunday, January 17, 2010

Magick is Afoot

In Fayetteville Arkansas today we had the second annual Interfaith Harmony Day.
All the churches joined in a day of celebrating diversity, with the focus being
on education and awareness. Many Songs,One Symphony.
I am sharing this because the opening ritual was done by our local Pagan group.
We called the quarters and invoked the Goddess to be here with us. To be in a
room with so many religions and to be so accepted was an awesome feeling. We had
Mormons,Quakers, Monks and so many others stop by our table and ask questions
that showed that they were really interested in finding out who we were and what
we believed.
In March we will also have our second annual Goddess Festival. This is a month long celebration of
divine feminine in all creation. We will have art, music(we put out a cd)vendors
and workshops. Last year we were just blown away by the attendance on opening
night and all during the month. This year our venue is right on the town square!
We have the visitors center putting the Festival on their brochures and the
mayors office is behind us all the way! There is a chant our group does, We are
the ones we've been waiting for. Well folks, Magick is Afoot and We Have
Arrived! at least in Fayetteville. :)

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