Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have been looking a curriculum for what seems like forever. I really like Oak Meadow, a lot! But we will be working with The Robinson Curriculum. Rob and I were talking about RC and we realized that a friend had given us a copy of the whole curriculum a few years ago. I finally found it and ck. it out. I was excited to find that it included all the McGuffey readers on it. The girls really like those. RC uses Saxon math, I have that math but might decide to use Ray's Arithmetic. I really like that one. The problem is that there is so much out there that is hard to choose. I know that I wanted to stay away from any thing majorly christian, RC does have some christanity in it but we will just not use it. I plan on bringing in a lot of Goddess studies, Pagan holidays, that kind of stuff. RC is all on cd so you do have to print off anything you need. I plan on sending it all to my son who works for Kinko's to print off for me. He gets a discount! I did have my sister who is a teacher look over several curriculum for me. She also said the Oak Meadow was the best one but it would cost about 1100.00 for both girls each year, whereas the RC goes k-12 on all the cd's. Since money doesn't seem to hang out here much we will be doing the best we can with what we have.

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