Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My girls really surprised me today,they do that sometimes. It was such a nice afternoon that I made everyone go outside to do a few things. Zoe told me that the dogs had been chewing on a dead skunk(gag). I went and found it in the yard or what will eventually be the yard. It had been dead for quite some time. I announced that someone needed to get the shovel and haul it off. Fully expecting to here gags and doors slamming as they ran back inside I was totally surprised when Zoe told Piper to grab the rake and she grabbed the snow shovel and they hauled it off to the woods. I then pushed my luck and reminded them that the blue heron that had frozen in the pond was still there, now unfrozen. So they then took off to the pond and worked together to pull out the big bird. Zoe carried it up to the house where Aaron took it off to the woods. He said when he went to toss it in woods he accidentally landed it on a branch. He decided not to leave it there(thought it looked cool) and buried it under some leaves. I am grateful for that, I can imagine walking in the woods and look up to see a big birds skeleton handing above me! I am really proud of my kids. To some this might not have been a big thing but these kids have always lived in town and for them to willingly remove something dead and not complain is a big deal to me. My hopes are getting higher that they might actually really like living out here.

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