Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Ney Year

Happy New 2010 everybody. I hope this year is filled with many blessings, some tribulations and lots of love.
I think this will be an exciting year for our family. We are in a new place, lots of anticipation for the new year.
I was talking with my friend/neighbor yesterday. We are so excited to be living next to each other. We talked about all the things we are going to plant, things to build and lots of ideas. It is so fun to have a good friend living next door and having so much in common.
I was excited to learn that the land we are on,which we thought ended just behind the house, actually goes back behind us for about tree acres. So much more to play with.
I am ready to order my seed catalogs and decide what to put in the ground. I must restrain myself from ordering more than I can deal with!

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