Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I went into the garden yesterday to look around. This garden was started last year by the guy who lived here. It is a huge space so I probably won't plant all of it this year, I decided to put the chicken coop next to the garden. I plan to put gates at the end of the garden that will open into the chicken yard, this way when the growing season ends I can let the chickens in. We will see how that works. I found a website,, that has a building system I think we will use for the coop. It's called the Starplate Building system and it looks like fun to build. The girls want to paint all the panels a different color like the chicken house on the Hanna Montana movie. I can see all the buildings that will be built on this place will be colorful!
Last night I spent a lot of time on you tube. This is such a great learning tool. I learned about growing,harvesting, and drying lavender,how to make a cold cellar from sandbags(next year), and where to order an automatic door opener for the hen house! Zoe and Piper are already planning to build their play house out of sand bags, that is probably what we will start with. I am so impatient to get so many things started, I need to make a list of everything we want to do around around her and decide what to do first. I really want to do this right and not get to many projects started at the same time. Ask my family, I have a tendency to do that.

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