Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Growing in the Garden

Our little garden is growing! I haven't put in a lot yet as I didn't want to overwhelm myself and screw it up. I have a three sister planting in one bed. Corn with beans right next to them and squash in between them, I planted them to close together but I think they will do fine.
Bed 2  has tomatoes and bell peppers.Bed 3 has onions and carrots which I wasn't sure if they had survived when I planted them as our puppy Lexie had jumped in and twirled around in the bed before I could stop her, needless to say the plants are not in a straight line any more!
 Bed 4 has 2 watermelon plants, the rest didn't make it for some reason and bed 5 isn't planted yet. I planted a bunch of potatoes in a big area next to the beds. It was kind of late to get them in and I hope they grow. I just covered the area with about 6" of hay and put the potatoes in and will keep covering them with hay as they grow., I have seen 2 coming up, hope the rest do.
 I even have melons coming up in the compost bin where I tossed some seeds, plan to transplant them soon.

I surrounded the beds with chicken to keep the dogs and cats out until the plants get big enough. This winter I will add more framing and plastic to make mini greenhouses.
We are also working on a spiral bed for strawberries. 

How is your garden growing?


Homeschool Blog said...

Everything looks beautiful Penny! Nice work!

Jessica said...

Looks great! I love the spiral for strawberries. We need to get some fo the chicken wire to keep our cat out too.