Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy little bees,

  After all the rain we have had here everything has turned a vibrant green, summer has arrived! We have been trying to get as much done outside as we can and I have pictures of a few of the projects we finished.
 I was given some blue barrels to use around here by my sister. I am not sure about using them for rain barrels as they had a disinfectant in them used for cleaning at my sisters place of work. I think we will just use them for animal shelters or something. One project we did with the first one is a little shelter for the hens to get out of the sun in the pasture. We cut the ends off and cut it down the middle, I then laid it out for a couple of days in the sun to help along the spreading process. We built a simple frame and attached the split barrel to it. It made a nice little sunshade for the hens, I have seen these used for miniature pigs also.

I made a worm tote yesterday, hoping to get several going soon. I just used an empty tote I had around but I'm not sure if it will work well as it is a little see thru instead of the solid totes I have seen used for worm beds. Eventually I want to have them in a greenhouse and several other places around here.

We have six cherry egger chicks that have been in a brooder in our den. They are  a little over a month old and I am ready for them to go outside! During the day we put them out on a pen in the shade, they seem to like it. The girls carry them around a lot which is fine as I want the chicks to be very friendly. They each picked out a favorite to keep, I cautioned them about naming the chicks yet as any that are roosters will go
in the freezer later.

They are kind of cute and we are pretty sure two of them are roosters.


Rivenfae said...

You know I've been thinking about making a worm bin, but I don't know how to start... can you tell me how?

Penny said...

This is where I found a good video to start with.