Saturday, February 12, 2011

Conversations from Nowhere!

  Have you ever called someone up that you didn't know about something and ended up having a wonderful conversation with them? Tonight I answered an add on craigslist for some books. The add was really for an amazon bookstore and when I looked I found several books that I wanted. I e-mailed the person asking since we were local would she be interested in selling directly, she was and sent me her phone number.
 Turns out she is a first grade teacher who had switched schools and wanted to clear out her shelves. We talked about Amazon, what kinds of books we sold and then she asked where I taught. I told her we were homeschoolers and she sounded delighted to meet someone who homeschooled. We went on to talk about teaching styles, teaching to the test, and the freedom in teaching kids that she wished she had, I told her about the baby hummingbirds and barn owls we were watching
she was really excited about these and planned to show her kids. We then started talking about teaching again and I told her about the Waldorf style of teaching. This style of teaching sounded very intriguing to her and she planned on finding out more about it. I think we only ended our conversation because according to my kids they were Starving!! How fun it is though to call someone out of the blue and have such a great informative conversation with a complete stranger. We didn't even exchange names until the very end. This has only ever happened to me once before. I had called our local Alpaca farm to get some manure from him. I said we had been there with our homeschool group and loved his alpacas. He asked if I would answer some questions for him and I said yes. Since he had so many homeschool groups to come thru his place he was curious about them. He wanted to know why people homeschooled, were there regulations to follow, who decided the curriculum and was it legal. Also what about college? He was really surprised when I told him the colleges and University were actively recruiting homeschool graduates! Now this gentleman wasn't planning to homeschool, his kids were his alpacas. He just wanted to understand more about the families that came to see him.
  What a concept, to actively seek out information on a group you had dealings with but didn't understand but wanted to! How would our world have changed if lets say the Indians and the Pilgrims,had done this, the Israelis and the Palestinians', or maybe just you and your neighbor, you and your kid. Trying to keep and open mind and see and understand where another person is coming from is one of the hardest things a person can ever learn in my opinion.
 Have you ever had a conversation like that, what did you think about it?

 ps. I know people are reading this, I see it in the stats everyday. I would really like
to get some feedback or comments about whatever the subject is sometimes.


Rivenfae said...

I know the feeling about wanting comments, I don't get many either. I would like to say I'm glad you are homeschooling, I wish I had the patience to homeschool mine. Two of my kids have learning disabilities that I am kinda clueless on.

Cyn Hoskison said...

I don't know if I've ever done this on the phone, but I've had some very long email conversations with complete strangers after meeting in the same situation as your Craigslist-introduction.

I can totally understand how someone meets the love of their life on the computer. I have several, what I'd consider to be, very good friends, that I've never met.

Homeschooling is, I guess to society, a "unique lifestyle", and I love it when people are interested. I think I have personally MADE a few homeschoolers! I love that since we don't fall into the homeschooling stereotype, I can educate people about all the alternatives.