Sunday, January 30, 2011

What we are up to!

This week has been a busy week for us. Last weekend I bought a Djembi drum and on Monday I went to a women's drum group that meets at the UU. I had a great time and hope to go often.
 The girls have been doing great with the ALEKS math program and on Tuesday we made a multiplacation clock.We are always looking for ways to cement multiplaction into their brains
  We made Gods Eye's this week and will probably try to do someting like that with different shaps. On Thursday we had friends over for the day, we had to make a run to the store and on the way back decided to find a yardsale that we had seen signs for. If you have never tried to follow signs on a back country rd. it can be interestring! We didn't buy anything at the sale but we did talk with the truss company next door about getting scraps for wood crafts, they said we could have all we wanted, can't wait to come up with some projects. On Friday we went to our co-op class which was about Egypt this week. The families did a wonderful presentation and it was great to see the kids asking great questions and add so much to the conservation. Afterward we ate Egyptian food (yum) and started talking about putting a cookbook together with all the countries recieps that we are doing. In our group we have about eleven 9-13 yr old girls with there being about 20 to 25 kids most of the time. The last few weeks the girls have had a hard time getting along( it has become a major issue) so the moms have decided to have a descussion group with them. Most of the girls are taking a Bully Busters class at the UU and our next six week classes will be about conflict resolution with small groups and skits. I really hope these classes will help the kids learn to speak up for themselves and deal with conflict that they encounter as they grow.
 All in all  it was a good week, capped off with a 75* day on saturday!

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