Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Miracle that is Facebook!

  Here's hoping everyone had a good holiday. We had a unexpected surprise, a few days before christmas, I had a request from someone on facebook looking for siblings. Turns out it was my husbands sister who we had lost touch with several years ago. Come to find out she and her family only live 6 hours away and on christmas day she and her daughter drove up to visit. What an awesome gift for us all! We hadn't seen Susan since she was about 15 and it was great to reconnect. Thru her my husband was able to talk with another sister in California.
 I think this was good for my husband and hopefully for Susan also to be able to talk with someone who had the same memories of their childhood. Theirs was not a good childhood by any means whatsoever, I really wanted to cry at listening to what their parents had put them thru. For three kids to come out of that childhood and turn into loving caring parents/adults is a testament to the strength of the human spirit! I am sure we will see them often and when their other sister moves this way we will see them also.
 Blessed Be to Facebook!

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