Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blackberries and Babies

When we moved to this place my neighbor told me we had blackberries, just not how many! They are starting to ripen and I have folks where I work who are willing to buy them.After this morning I think I priced them WAY to low. 4.00 a pint seemed reasonable earlier this week, that is what the farmer's market is selling them for I think. I picked for about an hour and a half this morning and got almost 3 pints. Not bad I guess, but I will start planting thorn less berries for next season. These are wild berries and seem small to me, I have found some lg. ones though. We are saving our berry money for a new deck next spring. If the deck and retaining wall cost about 3000. then we have to pick and sell about 750 pints! I hope to at least make a dent in the cost though.You do see some of the wildlife that early in the morning though. Saw a large black snake in the grass and a water moccasin in the pond. Told them if they didn't bother us we wouldn't bother them, hope that works!
We now have our first farm animals. A friend was walking his dog yesterday and found a mommy duck something had killed with 2 little ducklings beside her. They now live in our living room in the dog kennel until they are big enough to go to the pond. Funny thing is I really wasn't planning on having ducks here at all.The girls named them Quackers and Cheese! I hope this is the first of many babies we have come to our farm!

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