Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all

Today is Mother's Day, a day where we celebrate the women in our lives who have mothered us in some way or fashion. There are those who gave birth to us, were just there for us, took us in their hearts by adoption and those who have no idea that they were our teachers by example.
My mother's name is Dorsalee Price. She went by Doris or Mom. I think she was a great mom. She taught me to be independent, to cook, to garden, to not be afraid to try new things(she went to college at 50), to love, to be a mom and so much more! She passed away 14ys ago and I miss her more now than ever. There is so much going on in my life that I want to tell her about. I think about where mom was when she was my age, she had twins who were 7 and I was about 11 still at home. All my older siblings had left home already. We lived on a farm during the summer and in a little town called Pyatt during the winter. There was no house on the farm, just a new barn and milk house, an outhouse and a well house. We lived in the barn and the milk house was our kitchen. I remember my mom trying to cook dinner one evening and stepping over the cat who had decided to have kittens in the middle of the floor. My mom made a home out of that barn, for a kid this farm was a great place to be. Could I have handled the challenges of living there as well as she did? I'm not sure, I hope so. My older sisters have different memories of that time I am sure. The were adults and knew the hardship mom went thru to live on that farm and to move as often as we did when ever my dad decided to get an itch in his feet.
The other mother's in my life have taught me so much also. My older sisters Sue and Sharon have shown me by example and by advice thru the years. I admire them greatly and hope all that I have learned has trickled down to my own kids. My younger sister Kim is a step mom and became a grandmother before me, 2 months after she was married in fact. Before her marriage Kim lived with us on and off thru the years. She was as much a mother to my kids as I was. There were times my kids complained about having 2 moms telling them what to do! I was blessed to have her living with us so much when the kids were little. My daughter Aleta is now a mother of Corwin. I watch her mother her little boy and wonder where she got her mothering skills from, the love on her face when she talks about her son, how careful she is about what he eats and when/how much. Just all the things a new mother does I guess. It is a beautiful thing to watch. I look forward to watching my daughter in law become a mother. I can already tell she will be a great mom from the love and care she shows my son.
To all the other mothers I have learned from, my friend Karen's mom Marie, who was one of the most elegant women I have ever known, Clarice, a women I cared for until her death, who was so proud of being a converted catholic but loved her kids so unconditionally that when one told her he was gay she explained to him that it didn't matter he would always be Her son!
I have learned from women in the grocery stores and when I have been out and about. A lot of what not to do but from just watching how they interact with their kids. I wonder if anyone has learned from watching me that way.
I want to say how blessed I am to have these women in my life and hope I can live up to the examples they have set. Thank you!


Kimberley said...

It's great to see that there is another person out there who homesteads and isn't a Christian! I'm a heathen myself, was homeschooled, and now homestead as much as possible in my busy life. I found you off of NetworkedBlogs, and would love it if you followed me as I follow you.


Penny said...

Thanks, what is your blog?

Karen said...

Dear Penny,

I've been refreshing myself on your blog this morning and getting caught up with your entries...thank you for writing this Mother's Day piece, it is beautiful! I loved your mother and she had a very important place in my growing up years as a teenager. I so appreciated the place you held in my mother's life in her last years and final phase.