Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chanting sooths the soul

  When we lived in town I would go to a a chanting group that had derived from the Goddess Festival. The energy that was raised in these chanting sessions was incredible! I am constantly amazed at  the power of sound, of voices raised in harmony. Michelle ,whose house we met at,worked very hard to put all the chants into what she called a hymnal that she later sent to us. We were never able to record all of us chanting so I am going to put up some of my favorite videos that others have made.
Earth My Body

Elemental Chant
                                                       Witch's Amazing Grace
                                        (I would so love to hear this with the words being sung)

Here are the words to a few favorites that I haven't found on you tube.
Atish Ananda
            Recorded by Ozark Avalon, MO
Atish ananda the, the dew is in the grass
Spirits of the ancients
We are children of the past
The one breath that creates us is
the one breath we all take
makes a rainbow ‘round the world
with the love that we all make
 Hey, hey ya, hey ya hey ya
Hey, hey ya, hey ya, hey ya

Born of Water
Born of water
Cleansing. Powerful
Healing, changing
We are
Deep, Deep, Deep
            Unknown(Winter solstice)
Deep, deep, deep into the heart of the winter
Deep, deep, deep into the womb of the mother
Deep, deep, deep where there is no other song but the song of my soul

The Earth is our Mother
(The earth is our mother                                              (The sky is our father
 we must take care of her)x2                                       we must take care of him)x2
(Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan)x2                           (Hey yana, ho yana, hey yan yan)x2
(Her sacred ground we walk upon                              His sacred air we take inside
with every step we take)x2                                         with every breath we take)x2

                                                           My Roots go Down
We are the Ones
(We are the ones, we are the ones we’ve been waiting)x2
(We are the ones we’ve been waiting for)x2
(we are the ones)x2
We’ve been waiting

What are your favorite chants?

Blessed Be!

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