Sunday, August 7, 2011

Goats for us!

  When we lived in the apartment we had dreamed about having our own place, raising our animals and feeding our family from the gardens. To cement this dream we created a vision board with everything we wanted on our land and for our family.

 We now have chickens, a garden in it's first evolution and as of last week we have 3 goats. The local animal shelter sometimes receives animals besides dogs and cats, these animals are given to good homes free of charge. My sister who works there called me to see if I wanted some goats they had found and which the owner when found no longer wanted. We brought home a Toggenburg billy, a pregnant Nubian doe and a younger billy which is I am pretty sure their offspring. The trip home was as quick as we could make it as it was 110 outside and I was afraid they would get heatstroke. I ended up putting them in our large chicken pen until we can get more fencing up. Within the first 2 hours of them being here they showed me where the weakest spot in the fence was! We go out every evening when it cools off to reinforce any weak spots that we see. I plan on selling/trading the older buck and the doe after she has her kid for some Nigerian goats. I want to end up raising Nigerians and mini La Manchas someday.  The girls want to keep the youngest billy who they have named Panda, I told them to work hard with him to make him friendly and easy to handle, then we'll see. I am very proud of my girls, they take turns watering the animals and both spend a lot of time with the goats gaining their trust.
These next pictures are of the goats I hope to raise soon.
Nigerian(isn't this one pretty!) They come in all colors.

Pygora Goats for thier fiber.
and Mini La Manchas (I love thier elf ears)

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