Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vertical Gardening

  As I was doing the research for aquaponics I came across several vertical gardening sites. I like the idea of growing up :) as I am not getting any younger and getting up and down from the garden beds hurts my knees a lot. The idea of using aquaponics and vertical gardening together sounds decidedly pain free. I found there are several commercial vertical gardens you can buy but as I have stated before money and I are not fast friends so I need to come up with something cheaper and I think ultimately more satisfying.
 I found gardens made from gutters, pallets, pvc pipe and much more.
I like this one to from Urban Green Survival. He found his info from

New ways of gardening are being invented all the time,different ways of doing things, some better, some not. More and more gardeners are realizing the using pesticides is not the way to go, it damages the planet and us,if only we can get the big growers to understand this same concept!
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K-Koira said...

I've been thinking about doing a vertical garden too. They just seem so cool