Friday, June 3, 2011

Greenhouses made from old windows.

 My brother has been cleaning up around his place and brought over some things he thought we could use. He brought some wood to make things with, fencing for the chickens and some old windows. Now I have been dreaming about building a greenhouse for some time. I do have my garden beds set up for mini greenhouses but I really want a big one someday. To buy a greenhouse in a kit is way out of my price range so I have been looking at ways to build one from scratch. There is a hoop house that several gardeners use, in fact I helped build a huge one on a friends place last fall.

This one only cost about 1500. to build and you can make it whatever size you want to keep the cost down. Having a teaching workshop can help defray the cost also.
 I have also thought about building cold frames and will probably do that until get a greenhouse up.

What I really like the look of  are greenhouses made from old windows. 1. You are recycling something that probably was going to the landfill. 2. you can make you greenhouse as unique as you want. So these windows I received will be the beginning of my greenhouse. I need to clean them up a lot and start looking for more so hopefully next year I can build something like these!
This greenhouse is made from reused aluminum storm doors.


  These are just a few that I found on the web. So now go start collecting your windows and send me pictures when you have your greenhouse built.

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Jessica said...

Wow, I love those. My favorite is the same one you mentioned, and the last one. I might actually be able to make that last one for our current rental situation! Very cool!