Monday, April 18, 2011

Little O' Hen House

 We finally finished our hen house and now hopefully will be getting the chickens moved in soon. These will be pasture chickens until we get some fencing up. I plan on getting a couple of turkeys also. Everyone keeps telling me that we need guineas because we have such a tick problem. I don't really like guineas, they are really loud and obnoxious but I might end up with a few, we'll see. At first I was going to stay with one or two breeds of chickens but, 1. there are so many I like and 2. I really like seeing the colorful variety of the flocks I have seen visiting local farms. So there is a good chance I will end up with a big variety for our own flock.


Blessed Be!

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Homeschool Blog said...

We have been watching All Creatures Great and Small and there is a funny scene with escaping Guineas. They do make a bizarre and screechy sound!