Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Goddess Festival 2011

On March 11th we will open the 3rd annual Goddess Festival here in Fayetteville Arkansas.
                           The theme this year is Restoring the Balance.

“In ancient cultures where the Goddess was worshiped both women and men were honored as equals. With the rise of patriarchy many aspects of the Feminine Divine were suppressed and the presence of the Goddess was virtually eradicated. Today, our yearning for equality calls us to rise yet again with our questions and our unrest and to listen to the echoes in our hearts. We have enthusiastically joined in a global reemergence of the Goddess – – a re-discovery of all that has been hidden for centuries. We are seeking to Restore the Balance
 There will be workshops, vendors, and music galore! Something for everyone!
Our new venue is awesome and perfectly placed between two great eating establishments that are always busy! They are both giving discounts to festival goers.
  I personally feel the this years theme is so appropriate . With all the bills that are being introduced that will take away women's rights Restoring the Balance is needed more than ever.

You are invited to join us for this exciting participatory event when we convene the third annual Goddess Festival during the month of March 2011. Daring to hope for spiritual wholeness in the world, we come together to dream, to play, and to create in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for all – - where the Feminine Divine can be revealed, explored, and expressed. Because March is celebrated in the United States of America as Women’s History month, we believe this to be a perfect time to hold this multifaceted event. This celebration will honor the power of the Feminine Divine through art, music, words, dance, film and shared knowledge.
 Come check us out!!

                     Blessed Be!

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Carolyn Renee said...

Oh how I'd love to go to this event next year! I didn't realize that you were so "close" to us...we're in Mountain Home, and a drive to Fayetteville wouldn't be too hard on DD next year when she'll be three.