Thursday, December 2, 2010

Secular Homeschooling

  I found a great homeschooling website ( ) and they do lots of giveaways. Today it is a blogwriting course.  Blogging 101 course from, this looks like alot of fun and I would love to win. Blogging has become a great intrest to me. Reading blogs about a large assortment of subjects and getting comments from folowers from around the world on my own blog has been a great learning experience. Also in the homeschooling world it is sometimes hard to find (but getting better) a secular homeschool curruilum,truly secular homeschool groups are even harder to find. When a site like Secular Homeschool comes along it gives us another great avenue to broaden our kids horizens. Two other great homeschool curruilum sites are Oak Meadow( and Earthschooling ( Though nether one is truly secular, they both carry excelent curruilum in which to teach your children. What are your favorite homeschool sites? What currulium do you use?


Topsy said...

Thanks for the site shout-out, Penny!! BTW, we would love to add your blog to our resource page! PM me on-site for instructions!!

April said...

We use Earthschooling and also A Little Garden Flower. We mix in our own religious education, of course.

So happy to have found your blog!