Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bins and Puppies!

 Fall is on it's way here in Arkansas, the air has become cooler and the trees are putting on their beautiful fall coats.

We are trying to get more things done outside with the cooler weather. We finally built our compost bin and the girls and I started layering it yesterday. There will be a gate on the front as soon as I get to town to get more wood. We started this on Sunday, I wanted to make it out of pvc pipe with the chicken wire around it. We went to Lowe's to pick up the pipe and found out they don't cut pipe on the weekends. Well darn! We couldn't put 10ft pipe in our car and buying 5ft would push the cost way up, this was going to cost about 30$ anyway. Rob wanted to come back the next day to buy everything so they would cut it. We went to look at some of the wood we would need for the chicken house and found a pallet of straight 4ft pieces laying on it. I ask one of the folks working there what it was for and she said they just gave it away, it was off the pallets. Bingo! We took all we could put in the trunk, bought some nail screws and went home and built our compost bin. I still needed some longer pieces for the gate and planned on getting it on Monday when we went back into town. Unfortunately on our way in the car started having problems, made to the mechanics, and it will hopefully be done this afternoon 3 days later. This meant that my husband and son had to stay in town at my daughters so they could make it to work, bummer! The girls and I have been hanging out at home sewing and have fun. I really hope to get the gate built this weekend as Hershey loves to dig in the bin.

  My 11yr old finally found her dream puppy. This kid has only talked about getting a poodle for the last 4yrs. She did reports on them, picked out of the pet magazines everything she was going to buy for it, and generally drove us crazy talking about it. She wanted a apricot toy female, very hard to find with our budget. Z did find one in La. but it was 2500.Not!! I finally found a lady selling poodle puppies that we could afford here and we went to look.  Zoe fell in love with the little cream colored one and now Gray's Lexi Lightstar is the newest part of our family! I forgot how cute puppies are when they are so little, the other pets aren't so happy about her( I get a lot of glares from them) but she seems to fit in very well. She is actually very tiny and looks like a moving stuffed animal.
 So that is our adventures this week on the homestead front. Hope everyone had a great week also!


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny! Your compost container looks great. I noticed though that you had whole oak leaves inside. Oak leaves left whole take FOREVER to compost. (I know from experience) if you chopped them up with your lawn mower they will break down much faster. Keep up the good work! I really enjoy your blog!

Penny said...

Thanks, our lawnmower is not working at the moment but I will try and crush them up more from now on. I just had the kids bring some from the woods. This has been a learning experience for all of us.