Friday, September 10, 2010

Started our official year of homeschoolling!

The girls and I have finally started our official year of homeschooling, at least for the state standards. I feel as if we are always learning and discovering new things. We didn't get started until about 11, We went over the Carmen Sandigo notebooks so they knew what to do. Then we watched a School House Rock video about climates, will watch No Impact man tonight.Then had lunch, worked on some Lego projects that came in the mail. Zoe wanted to make an ocean diorama with sand and water. She couldn't get it to work right so she went to the www and found This is an awesome site and we will be using it a lot.Mainly science today.

Our curriculum is as always very eclectic. We plan on using No impact Man for our environmental science, Learning Language through Literature for reading,writing and spelling. For math I will pull in in with everything we do. Sewing,cooking, games.We are using the Khan Academy to help explain the concepts they are having problems with. Zoe is looking into cooking low carb recipes for a kids diabetic cookbook.At a local expo recently she noticed that there were not any kids cookbooks for Type 1's. We will do this on Friday mornings so she can try the results out on our home school group.

Our home school group meets on Friday afternoons for play day. We are in the process of starting our own Co-op which is really exciting.There are at least two other groups that offer classes but I feel that one is to religious and the other to expensive. An Earth Scout group is also being started here. There are all kinds of field trips planned and so much to do outside that I am really trying not to plan anything on Mondays and Wednesday so we can stay home and concentrate on major projects that take a lot of time. One of our favorite shows that we watch is Bones. A conversation came up about what is available to us to bleach animal bones so we could see what they looked like. That will be a science project that we will do sometime this year.I am really looking forward to this year of learning, so many possibilities!

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