Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Leaving the nest,

My 18yr old son moved in with some friends this weekend. Our house feels kind of empty now. I know we will get used to it but still it's hard. When the first two moved out it was a very busy time for all of us, they stayed in VA. while the rest of us moved home to Arkansas. I missed them so much, it was not to be able to stop in for a visit or having everyone home for dinner. At least A. lives local and we can see him whenever. Our oldest now lives here with her family and we see them every other day or so.

My husband and 2 girls set down for dinner last night, it felt odd not having to pull the extra chair from the den.I sorted a large package of pork chops out, and made 3 and 1/2 meals out of them There was a time when that large package would have only made 1 meal for our family, when we had 9 living at home.4 seems like such a small number right now.

Our boys have decided to join the military,1 Air Force and the other Navy.Soon they will be so far away, so I will cherish the times we are all together and keep up with their lives by phone, pictures and Facebook, looking forward to when they all visit and will have all my brood back in the nest for a short time. Safe Journey little birds.

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