Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pack rats

What is it about human nature that makes us collect so much stuff? We don need it. What does it fulfill in ourselves to collect things? We know or should know that possessions are not what is  important in this life. It does make one wonder. I just spent the afternoon helping the girls go through boxes in their room left from the move. It was real hard to get them to part with some of it. They are in a smaller room now and need to pare down a lot. We did do this before the move too, didn't realize how small the room really was. Now I'm not saying who the girls take after :) but it does run in the family. Drives my husband nuts I'm sure. I at least try to keep my collections organized and the older I get the more I get rid of than I  keep. Unless I have a clear plan for something I no longer just buy stuff. If I had all the money back that I spent on fabric that I did not use I could probably buy a new car! I admit it, I am a recovering fabricaholic! At one time I had over 40 boxes of fabric in storage, it was like an addiction, I had to keep buying it. It didn't help that I worked at Hancock Fabric store and got an awesome discount. That just fed the addiction. I am no longer that addict, I just try real hard to stay away from things I know I really don't need to buy (wished that worked with food). To be truthful it does run in the family. My younger sister has had stuff in storage(a large storage) for way over ten years. Her motto is One of these days! That will be the name of my sewing/craft room, One of These days! I will actually get done all the projects that I have spent money on!


Sharon said...

I really enjoy reading these, Penny.

Nathan said...

Yes, yes it does run in the family. Meridith has to constantly go through stuff to get me to toss it out. Or she does it when I'm not around. If only work would go away and let me do what I want to do with my days ^_^